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Sofia region is located in the Sofia plain with an altitude of about 550 sq. Km. It is surrounded by Vitosha, Stara Planina, Lyulin, Lozenska mountain. Its territory is 1,311 sq. Km, of which the settlements and urbanized areas occupy 245.5 sq. Km, the remaining area is occupied by agricultural areas, forests, areas for mining, transport and infrastructure. Several low-water rivers pass through the territory of Sofia district, the largest of which are Iskar, Vladayska, Perlovska, Suhodolska, Slatinska, Boyanska, Bistrishka, Bankyanska. The area of ​​the Sofia field has iron ores, construction materials and lignite, as well as construction materials - sand, gravel, quarry stone, limestone and clay. The soils are mainly chernozem resins, alluvial-meadow and deluvial-meadow, and the semi-mountainous regions are characterized by cinnamon and brown forest soils. The climate is temperate-continental, with an average annual temperature of nearly 11 degrees.

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